SPySE - Simulation in Python for Space Entities

Agile Framework. Rapid Analysis.

SPySE is an agile framework that enables rapid 3D visualization and detailed analysis of on-orbit activities. SPySE can display and propagate numerous orbits and provides a quick-turn Course of Action (COA) development, visualization, and evaluation capability.

User Interface

SPySE Editor View

Scenario Scene Graph
Component Library
Project Library
3D Scenario View
Behavior Visualization
Output Log
Entity Config Panel
Entity Info Display
User Interface Metrics

SPySE Simulation View

3D Scenario View
Scenario Config

Tools for modifying the scenario during run time.


Tools for creating dynamic satellite courses of action at run time.


Exploration. Insight. Understanding.

The SPySE framework can rapidly adapt to changing requirements, address unanticipated questions, generate data visualizations as needed, integrated external data sources and tools, and enable in-house modifications and development. SPySE leverages open source community software and tools requiring no software licenses or additional cost to the government. SPySE is approved for use on unclassified, secret, and top secret networks and has an approved Certificate to Field from the Air Force Intelligence Community.

SPySE is primarily used for space mission planning, ops training, and wargaming. As a constructive modeling and simulation tool, it enables quick-turn analysis for offensive and defensive space control questions. Orbital engagement maneuvers can easily be modeled, tested, and assessed to determine the best Courses of Action (CoAs). The 3D visualization capabilities allow a deep understanding of the complex geometries and constraints of a space engagement. The advanced features of SPySE make it a unique and powerful tool.

Demo Videos

SPySE In Action

Demo – Maneuver Planning 2:27

Watch some general visualizations and course of action planning.

Demo – Raster Scan 1:11

Watch a GEO space architecture perform raster scans.

Demo – DTED Terrain 1:02

Watch a 3d visualization of DTED2 terrain with dynamic object placement.


Entity-Component Model

Highly configurable component based architecture allowing for rapid development of new capability. SPySE comes pre-packaged with various components for 3D Visualization, Satellite Propagation, Plotting, Camera, etc.

Discrete Time-Step Execution

Simulation Editor and Configuration Tool

Sophisticated in-application editor UI to build out scenarios.

Component Reloading at Run-Time

Dynamic library reloading allows changes to custom built components on the fly in the editor or between simulation runs without restarting the application.

State Machines

State Machine framework to capture complex agent behavior using Finite State Machines. Includes a real-time state machine and transition visualizer.

BOGL – 3D Visualization

Cythonized high-performance python wrapper for OpenGL 3+. Provides an object-oriented API to create 3D Visual Components.

Cymath – 3D Math Library

Highly performant math library. Provides various Transform, Vector, Matrix and Astrodynamic related math functions and classes.

PyAS – Python Wrapper to AFSPC Astrostandards

Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithms Library (SAAL). Integrated with Cymath. Support for two-body, General Peturbations, Special Peturbations, covariance.

Developer Point of Contact

Brian Thorpe
ExoAnalytic Solutions